Plan of Conservation and Development Letter

Whitneyville Civic Association (WCA) and Spring Glen Civic Association (SGCA)Neighborhood Input Regarding Planning and Conservation Strategies

While we generally endorse the strategies listed in Hamden’s Briefing Booklets, the WCA and SGCA have suggestions and priorities regarding several areas of the plan, per feedback from civic association meetings and discussions among civic association leadership.  They are outlined below, with reference to the appropriate Briefing Booklet section.

Briefing Booklet 4:

Preserve Open Space (p. 13)

Item A1b:

We believe that access to the Farmington Canal Trail could be improved, specifically at its intersection with Mather Street. We suggest modifying Item A1b to read:

 “Farmington Canal Trail as a central spine and with improved access points to maximize this feature”

Item A3c:

We are concerned that the Powder Farm remains a natural area without means of public access; members suggested implementing the Land Trust’s plan for passive recreation and connection of the site to the Canal Trail.  We believe that the Plan should address the issue of acquiring new open space. We suggest modifying Item A3c to read: “Continue to seek opportunities to partner with other organizations (such as the Hamden Land Trust) to preserve and improve access to open space.”

Address Coastal Issues (p. 15)

Item A4:

We wish to clarify the meaning of access to the Mill River to read: “If appropriate, seek ways to enhance boating access… to the Mill River, including Lake Whitney and the Quinnipiac River.”

Promote Community Character (p. 21-23)

Item A1g:

Traffic calming continues to be an issue in Whitneyville and other areas of Hamden. Members suggested adding a left turn arrow at the intersection of Putnam Avenue and Newhall Street, and filling in of gaps in the sidewalk network.  We suggest modifying to read: “Roadways, including traffic calming.”

Item A1h:

This item does not exist.  We suggest adding it: Mass Transit, including light rail.”

Item C6:

We believe that the Town should develop, in concert with public utilities a plan to systematically provide existing trees with appropriate replacement. We suggest this item to be modified to read: Plan for the preservation, maintenance of and planting of trees for their visual, environmental, and scenic benefits.


We are concerned that the Town has no central information center, such as a community calendar.   We suggest modifying it to read:  “Continue to promote community-wide events and activities through multiple media.”

Item E4:

We are concerned that there is not enough parking in the Whitneyville business district.  We suggest modifying it to read: “Seek to establish and maintain gateway features at major entry/arrival points to the Town and its villages, including improved parking.”

Items E3 and E5:

We particularly endorse efforts to brand and improve signage in the Whitneyville, Spring Glen, Mount Carmel and Centerville business districts (including historical landmarks).

Briefing Booklet 5:

Become More Sustainable (p. 3)

Item B4:

We particularly endorse the LED streetlights effort underway, including the potential for the Town to purchase streetlights.

Overall Sustainability

We encourage Hamden to expand regionalization of services, building on the successful example of the regional Health District.  This will support the long-term sustainability of Town services.

Briefing Booklet 6:

Reinforce Overall Community Structure (p. 4) and Enhance Spring Glen / Whitneyville Centers (p. 8)

We endorse these action steps, particularly Item A1: “promote and encourage missed use, pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented development”  and Item E3.  In WCA meeting, members cited the walkability of Whitneyville as one of the most important aspects of the neighborhood.  We endorse efforts to connect new developments such as Canal Crossing to the business district via sidewalks.